X Puzzle

I completed another woodworking project this weekend. I must say I like these quick and easy projects much better than those that take me almost a year to finish. ;-) Last time the project was totally utilitarian, but needed, so this time I went for something a little more fun.

The X Puzzle! Close Up Disassembled All Dressed Up

This is my version of what I guess is being called the ‘X’ puzzle. I got my inspiration for this from here. I made mine from some leftover maple and some black palm that I thought looked pretty cool.

It is made up of two identical pieces each with two free moving dowels that can slide through the hole of the other piece when placed together to form the ‘X’. Once you put the two pieces together just give it a couple of shakes and at least one of the dowels will slide into place and lock the ‘X’ together. The trick is figuring out how to get the pieces back apart. I won’t give away the answer, but there is a hint somewhere in this article.

While picking up the black palm, I also snagged a book with some more fun puzzle projects in it so be on the lookout for my next creation!

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