The Life and Times of Sophie

What do you do when you’ve got one crazy barely manageable dog? You go get another of course! Fortunately for us Sophie never took after her brother. Sure, she had lots of puppy energy and she and Brody had to work out who was going to be top dog (Sophie ultimately won that crown), but she was by far a much easier dog to raise.

Growing up, Sophie learned many things and had many adventures. She had 3 solid tricks in her bag, ‘greet’ (she was a lefty like her dad), ‘down’, and ‘leave it’. She loved playing in the snow, especially when it involved stalking and jumping on Brody. Her idea for playing ball was similar too, as she would just bite at Brody’s ankles while he chased and fetched the ball. While Brody and Sophie were a team for 9 years, Sophie was a beautiful and sweet soul all on her own.

Sophie may not have been a part of many shenanigans because frankly she was too polite and much too mature for all of that business, but on one occasion…

We had just shoveled out from back to back blizzards and had been cooped up in the house. Sophie loved a good snow walk so we decided to bundle up and head out. She was leaping and snowplowing her way through the deepest drifts. Her brother and her would stop to stick their heads in the snow to see what they could smell down towards the ground. The snow had been especially harsh on some of the animals out in the wilds and we slowly came upon a rabbit that had given it’s life to another animal for dinner. Normally, Sophie wanted nothing to do with that kind of stuff, but on this wintry wonderland trip outside, she took it upon her self to pick up that unfortunate carcass and trot along as if she would be having a bit of rabbit stew for lunch. We were shocked, I think even Brody stopped in his tracks. We told Sophie to “leave it”, because no one wants to dig a dead carcass out of their dog’s mouth, she turned and looked at us, and you could see that she was really taking in all of her options in that moment. The poor creature hanging out of her mouth, her ears perked and her eye on her brother as if “keep away” was a must in this scenario, but instead she turned her head, trotted a few more steps and dropped the carcass. She pranced along her snowy path that day being able to leave behind what she wanted just because we asked her too.

Sophie wasn’t much of a “talker”, the silent type really. However, when we would come home we could hear through the garage door the sound of Sophie saying “Where were you?” as she brimmed with excitement of our return. Literally, her doggy words sounded just like, “Where were you?”. It was one of our favorite things about her. Although, when I say one of our favorite things, that is among a long, long list… her perfect puppy ears that lasted her lifetime, how her head smelled “purple”, how when she kissed us she would give us a few sweet licks on the nose and then without a doubt take a nibble, her long legs that inspired us to get a King sized bed, how she would “butt-le” (that’s where she would cuddle with you, but you got the butt end) with us on that said bed and when fireworks or thunder were involved she would sleep on our heads in that said bed. We loved how we would find bones that she meticulously “hid” around the house just lying in the middle of a hallway and when we would pick it up, she would be astounded that we found it. She would then set out to hide it better, like… halfway under the couch, or hidden in the blankets of our bed.

We are a dog-less household now for the first time in almost 13 years, and somehow it seems too quiet, even though Sophie hardly ever made a sound. We are so grateful that we got to spend 11 and half years with our sweet good girl. We know with her last breath her spirit transformed and now is in a place where she is all around us forever.

We chose to have Sophie cremated, as we did with Brody, so we can always have her with us. I’m planning on building another keepsake box for her ashes and collar. It is hard not having her with us anymore, but the quote by Kahlil Gibran we found after Brody’s passing still rings true: “When you are sorrowful, look again in your heart, you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.”

Sophie, you were truly our love, our baby girl, our delight.

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