Raised Gardens 5: The Dirt And More

We left you last time with everything but the dirt, but just filling the boxes with dirt wouldn’t make for a very interesting post this time so we added a couple of surprises. We had great weather to finish off this project. Not too hot and not too cold. It was just right, which is always nice when you’re shoveling and moving mounds of dirt.


The yard took a bit of a beating during this project, but honestly, it has been going downhill since we moved in and wasn’t in good shape to begin with. After finishing the gardens it was decided that they looked too nice to be part of a yard that looked so bad. An executive decision was made, a day off work was taken, enough dirt and sod was ordered, and after two days of hard labor a new lawn emerged from the barren wasteland that came before it.

Before Before During During After After After

Now that we had a new lawn and dirt in our gardens we could finally get down to the business of actually trying to grow things (which now includes Kentucky blue grass). We made a quick trip to a local farm, called Olin Farms, and picked up some nice vegetable and herb plants (along with some seed packets from Home Depot) and turned our dirt bins into actual gardens.

Veggies Veggies Time To Water

Now that the work is done, Sophie has even been seen enjoying the new lawn and is going outside without much prompting now. We think she was just too embarrassed by the old yard to go out on her own before. ;-)

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