Raised Gardens 2: The Blocks

Since these gardens are going to be placed right at the end of our patio we decided to make the sides facing the house a little more interesting than just some redwood rails. We stumbled upon this company that sells wooden tiles for use indoors and really liked the look so we decided to give it a try ourselves.

I started out with 4×4 redwood posts and just cut them up like loaves of bread with my miter saw. In order to get the random look we wanted, I cut three different thicknesses of blocks (1/2”, 3/4”, and 1”). This also allowed me to easily estimate how many posts I was going to need given the size of the panels I was creating. It turns out I needed 480 blocks, or about 4 full (8’) posts. (Ugh, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.)

The 480

I cut the panel backing out of some plywood, which yes, I will do my best to protect from moisture, and adhered the blocks to it using Liquid Nails (specifically the subfloor and decking type). My wife and I laid out each panel pattern before gluing anything down to make sure everything fit and we liked the look. Eventually each panel will slide into some dadoes cut on the posts, capped off with a rail, and sealed up for protection.

Sneak Peak

I think they look pretty good so far!

Oh, you may have noticed in one of the pictures above that I stacked all the cut blocks on my table saw. Yeah, don’t do that if your saw has a cast iron top… (Oh well, live and learn.)

What Not To Do

P.S. Cutting that many blocks makes A LOT of sawdust!

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