No More Excuses

I’ve been playing a good bit of tennis this year and the team I’m on just finished the regular season undefeated. (Hopefully we’ll make a long run into the post-season, but that’s another story.) I’ve been playing about 50/50 doubles and singles. Doubles is fun, but it’s not the most taxing workout. Singles, on the other hand, has been wearing me out. That’s OK in the spring after taking the winter off but the end of summer is quickly approaching and I feel like I should be in better shape by now. Of course, I could be if I was actually trying, and that’s what this post is really all about.

Earlier this year I was using my TRX suspension trainer on a regular basis, trying to get into some semblance of shape before we went to Hawaii. After the wonderful vacation I fell back into my old lazy, do nothing routine, and other than playing tennis 1 or 2 times a week that’s where I’m at. Well, that’s about to change!

I don’t give too much credence to the BMI scale, but since it does list me as almost obese, it’s probably time to get up and moving. Along those lines, this week I ordered, and yesterday I received, a set of TRX exercise videos and I am excited to get going with them.

Videos Galore!

Running around on the hard tennis courts has also been giving me some shin splints. My flat feet are part of the problem, but I figure losing a few pounds will probably help too. So, what’s a good low impact way to lose weight? Riding a bike you say? Great! I think I still remember how to do that! ;-) With that in mind, I got 2 new tubes for my road bike, installed them, pumped them up, and threw the bike back on the trainer in the basement (where it’s nice and cool).

Ride me!

Now what, you might ask. Well, I’ve got plenty of time to exercise, I’ve got my TRX all set up, I’ve got 7 TRX exercise videos now, I’ve got my bike and my trainer ready to go, I’ve got a bunch of people to play tennis with, and I’m felling motivated. So that’s it, no more excuses.

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