My First Workbench

Ever since we moved back from NYC I’ve been itching to get back to some woodworking projects. After getting the OK to replenish some of the tools I sold off from the boss I decided my first project should be a real workbench. After figuring out what features I wanted for my bench I ordered the plans for this workbench from PlansNow. The plans call for using oak but I just used some regular old fir I picked up from Lowes on the cheap. I left off some of the aesthetic features too, it’s just a workbench after all. It’s working great so far and thankfully the top comes off when you need to move it. I had planned on adding the end vise at a later date but my wife actually told me to go ahead and buy it when we were at the Woodcraft store, so I did. (I guess all of those years of opening doors for her is finally paying off.) I’ve added some locking casters to the legs after taking these pictures (and moving again) but other than that it hasn’t changed a bit. Well maybe there are a few cuts, scrapes, and stains on it now too. ;-)

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