Jeweler's Bench 3: The Legs

Well, I must not be much of a Summer woodworker because it took me all Summer to get back to this project. I’d like to say I was just too busy with other things or that my shop (aka garage) was too hot to work in but in truth I just wasn’t “in the mood” to do much woodworking this Summer. However, with Fall kicking in, that old itch has returned and I managed to complete the leg assemblies for my wife’s jeweler’s bench.

There’s nothing too fancy about these legs. I started out with some 2×4 lumber and cut the main legs and the stretchers with my miter saw and the new support platform I built for it.

Miter saw setup.

Leg frame parts

Then I mounted a dado blade in my table saw for the first time and ate away at the parts for the half lap joints.

Dado close up.

Finished stretchers.

After cutting the panels from some 1/4 inch plywood and routing a groove in the leg parts I could assemble both legs together.

Legs assembled.

After mounting the legs to the top of the bench it’s finally starting to look like something, and it’s only taken me 5 months (as my wife is fond of reminding me). ;-)

Assembled bench.

If you notice the cut out areas at the inside tops of the legs in the above picture, those are for supporting the bank of drawers that are still to come. Hopefully I’ll have those done before Spring. ;-)

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