Heil Valley Ranch - January 2013

I invited some friends to go hiking with me this time, but no one could make it. I hope they all enjoyed whatever else they were doing though because they all missed out on a great day!

I was originally planning on heading out to Button Rock Preserve just West of Lyons, but since no one else could make it, I decided to make the shorter drive and hit Heil Valley Ranch instead. Today I set out to make it to the end of the Wapiti trail and then head back. It’s 2.5 miles one way, so that made for a real nice 5 mile hike. I did it in about 2 hours and 15 minutes, including a few stops for taking pictures, which I think is pretty good. Anyway, it turns out I really didn’t need any friends to come with me this time, because I ran into some while I was out on the trail. ;-)

Trail Sign Panorama Fish Head Rock Clear Skies Wild Life Abounds A Nice View Trail Shot Self Portrait Wild Turkeys Wild Turkeys

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2 Responses to Heil Valley Ranch - January 2013

    1. Awesome, Marc. I would have loved to have seen some wild turkeys. Looks like a cool trip. Sucks no one could make it, but I find that to be the case 99 percent of the time when I want to do something like that. Thus, the most epic trips I have memories of were solo (or at least with my dog).

      I want to see that rock you found. Keep me posted regarding future adventures!


    2. Yep, nothing wrong with going by yourself or with a four legged friend. I’ll definitely keep you posted.

      - Marc

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