Hall Ranch Revisited

I had the hiking bug last weekend and Hall Ranch called to me once again. After knocking back a couple of beers together and ruminating on the meaning of life the night before, my buddy Collins and I met up at the trail head on Sunday morning. After giving the Bitterbrush trail a go last time we decided to head out on the Nighthawk trail.

We didn’t have all day but we got a good 4 or 5 miles under our boots. You’d think on a trail named Nighthawk we’d see some birds but we actually didn’t see a single one, which we thought was kind of weird. The wildlife didn’t totally disappoint though. The deer were out in bunches and I got a few choice shots on our way back.

All in all, I think that good beers, a good hike, and some good pictures, all with a good friend make for a pretty good weekend. :-)

Trail Marker Young Buck One Doe Stalker Two Doe Self Portrait?

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