Entertainment Center 7: The Finale

The entertainment center is finished! Yep, you read that correctly. It’s all done. After completing construction last time, all that was left to do was mount the hardware, stain the top and base, and then cover everything with polyurethane.



Fortunately for me, I have probably the best wife in the world and she did at least 99% of the finishing. Oh, and she did a better job than I would have too! :-)

Ready For Stuff

Since it was in pieces to make the finishing easier, we moved everything down into the basement in parts and I did the final assembly down there. It was a good thing we did too. After putting it all together and loading it up with home theater equipment I could barely move the thing back against the wall.


All in all, I think it turned out really good. (If I do say so myself.) Maybe it was a little ambitious for me but I learned a lot during the process and we ended up with a great piece of furniture that should last us a long long time.

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