Entertainment Center 6: The Doors

The final things that needed to be constructed for the entertainment center were the doors. These are a simple frame but the interior panel is actually a lattice ‘weave’. I wanted these to come out right since they are a major visual feature of the entertainment center so I took my sweet time making them. (The whole project has taken me over a year, so why rush now, right?)

The first thing to do was make the frame for the doors. This was pretty simple since each frame was just two rails and two stiles joined with tenons and grooved to accept the lattice.

Tenon Work

Frame Members

With the easy stuff out of the way, it was time to start making the lattice. I had to deviate from the plans a little bit here. Not in any of the actual construction, but in how I was able to create the pieces for the lattice. The plans tell you to make all of the dado cuts in a wider piece first and then cut out the strips of the lattice from that so you know all of the grooves are lined up. This would have been great but since the lattice strips are only 1/4” thick I didn’t have any material that fit the bill. Also, since I don’t have a band saw I could only rip the material down on my table saw and that limited how wide a piece I could safely rip. Anyway, I ended up making all of the strips for the lattice first and then I had to make sure I was exact each time I cut the dado for the lattice joints.

Lattice Beginnings


Lattice Setup

Lattice Parts

Once all of the pieces were cut, I had some sanding and fine tuning to do, but the lattice and frames went together pretty easily. After gluing and assembling everything together all that was left was mounting the hinges.


With the help of a couple of shims and a little squirming to get myself into the spaces behind the doors I was able to mount the doors to the carcass and I declared all major construction complete! Mission accomplished!

Construction Complete

I also finished up the back panel while I was out in the garage, drilling holes for cords and ventilation. I’m leaving it off for now to make the finishing process easier but it is ready to go.


There’s still a lot of finishing work to do but I should have this entire project wrapped up before the first snow, well, maybe. ;-)

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