Entertainment Center 4: Base, Shelves, and Top

As promised, I completed the base of the entertainment center this time, along with a couple of other little details. The base is just made up of four corner blocks and four rails screwed together with some pocket screws. The corner blocks were actually pretty easy to make although I practiced on some scraps to make sure I got everything setup correctly.

Corner Pieces

Corner Blocks

Rabbet Detail

Pocket Holes

After getting the base attached to the carcass, I turned my attention to making the four adjustable shelves. These were just four pieces of plywood cut to size with a strip of hardwood glued to the front. Sounds easy enough right? Well, I still found a way to screw up two of them. For some reason things just didn’t fit right after I glued the hardwood to the side of two of the shelves instead of the front. ;-) Oh well, it was easily fixed, if a bit frustrating.


After those were done I wrapped all four sides of the plywood top with the same hardwood banding. The plans called for a hardwood top but I decided to go with a plywood top to save a little money.

Almost There

Almost There

It takes a little while for me to let go of some of the mistakes I’ve made, but once I step back and take a look at the big picture I think it looks pretty good (if I do say so myself). Just doors and the drawer left to build, then it’ll be ready for finishing. Maybe we’ll be able to get one of the cars back in the garage soon too. ;-)

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