Entertainment Center 3: The Face Frame

Getting back into the swing of things with this project gave me the opportunity to finally mount my new Freud Diablo blades in both my table saw and my miter saw. I was not disappointed, not that I expected to be. I mounted a 40 tooth blade on the table saw and a 60 tooth blade on the miter saw.

New TS Blade

New Miter Saw Blade

I needed both blades for the project this time because I was ripping down some of the maple hardwood on the table saw and then cutting the face frame parts to length on the miter saw. Before I could start gluing up the face frame I found that I needed to even up some spots on the carcass in order to get everything aligned properly. I guess the concrete floor of the garage isn’t quite as flat as it appears. ;-) With that out of the way I began ripping the lengths of maple I needed.

The plans said to cut the two vertical end pieces, glue them in place, and then measure for the outside horizontal pieces. I should have listened. Instead I cut all four pieces and once I had the two end pieces glued in place I found my horizontal pieces were just a hair too short. Luckily I was able to use those elsewhere but I should know better. Anyway, I used up all the clamps that would fit on the first piece and realized that this was going to take a long time to complete if I didn’t get some more clamps. That being decided, I went inside and told my wife that I needed some Easter clamps. She asked, what are Easter clamps? And I said, clamps I buy on Easter! (Yes, it was actually Easter Sunday when this took place.) She said it would be OK as long as I took her to lunch as well.

With my new Easter clamps in hand, and a full belly, I proceeded to glue, cut, and clamp until the face frame was complete. I still have some sanding and glue removal to do but I think it turned out pretty good. Next time I will be working on the base. Take care until then. :-)

Camping 1

Half Way

Interior Parts


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