Entertainment Center 2: The Carcass Revisited

Well, some four and a half months ago I started building a proper entertainment center for our basement. You may remember my first post about this project but it has been so long I won’t be upset if you’ve forgotten about it. I’ve been told if the entertainment center isn’t finished by June my wife will be going out and buying one, so I am back at it.

If you check out the first post for this project you may look at these pictures and think I haven’t done much, and you’d be right, but since I actually did something I wanted to share. Last time I had just finished cutting the pieces for the carcass and dry fit everything together. This time I accomplished two steps. First, I drilled all of the shelf pin holes for the adjustable shelving and second, I actually assembled the carcass.

Shelf Pin Holes


That’s right, it’s glued and screwed, there’s no turning back now! I also had to create a couple of small shims to correct a previous mistake (which I won’t mention because it will be hidden from view). These gave me an opportunity to use my little block plane and I’m pretty glad it did. I really enjoyed using the plane and making all those little curly shavings while fine tuning the fit of the shims.



Hopefully I’ve gotten the woodworking bug back and we’ll actually get to see some more posts and the finished project by June. If not, I’ll post some pictures of whatever my wife buys. ;-)

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