Berry Date Smoothie

OK, I came up with another good one! I’ve been trying out some new smoothie recipes that I came across and a couple of them called for dates. I can’t say that I’ve ever eaten a date by itself, but I like dates in these holiday cookies my mom makes sometimes so I figured it would be safe to try. I mean, if it’s good in a cookie it can’t be all bad. ;-) This recipe doesn’t vary too much from my standard fruit based smoothie, but it was a nice little change of pace. (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture this time.)



  1. Add all of the non-frozen ingredients together and mix until liquified.
  2. Add the frozen ingredients and mix until smooth.
    Add a little water if your smoothie gets too thick for your liking (or your blender).

(Makes about 24oz. or 3 cups)

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