Alphabet Blocks

When my sister was pregnant with her first child a few years ago, I decided to make her and her new baby a gift. I had just started woodworking as a hobby so my skills and tools were pretty limited but I came up with the idea for these alphabet blocks and figured that they were something I could make. I enjoyed making them, but man they took a lot longer to complete than I expected!

If I remember correctly, the only tools I used were a miter box and a hand saw along with a router and lettering template. The wood was some lengths of laminated 3×3 poplar that I found at Home Depot which I chose because it was pretty light weight (just in case someone decided that throwing blocks was fun). I also rounded off all of the corners and edges and chose a non toxic finish for safety (just in case someone decided that eating blocks was fun).

Anyway, I just thought I would share these with everyone. Enjoy!

Block Set Detail Shot Stack Of Blocks Close-up Shot Stack Side View

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