Almond Apple Smoothie

I’ve been making lots of smoothies with berries lately so I thought I should switch it up a little bit with this one. (I even managed to get some greens into this one too!) My wife bought some cinnamon flavored flax oil a couple of weeks ago which I’ve used in some of my concoctions but it really added a nice touch to the apples in this one. I’ve also been tossing in some baby spinach leaves we decided to freeze since they were about set to expire, and I must say, it has been a great way to get in some greens without worrying too much about how old they are. I may try freezing some other leafy greens in the future.

Note: As I typed this up my wife called from the liquor store, so I’m sure any health benefits I received from this smoothie will be wiped out tonight as I imbibe some new wonderful Belgian sour ale! Oh well.



  1. Add all of the non-frozen ingredients together and mix until liquefied.
  2. Add the frozen ingredients and mix until smooth.
    Add a little more water if your smoothie gets too thick for your liking (or your blender).

(Makes about 24oz. or 3 cups)

Almond Apple Smoothie

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