A Visit To RMNP

I took a few days off this past week to celebrate our 9th anniversary, not that you really need a reason to take time off, and gave myself a 5 day weekend. (Sadly it is coming to a close as I write this.) We spent some time shopping and enjoyed a couple of midweek lunches out together and on Thursday we decided to take an impromptu trip up to Rocky Mountain National Park. Erica hadn’t been up there for several years and it had been over a year for me too so we hopped in the car and headed out.

We didn’t know, until we got to the park, that it was the beginning of the elk rut (their annual mating ritual). As we made our way up Trail Ridge Road we took in all of the great scenery, views, and we even saw a few deer and chipmunks at a couple of the scenic overlooks. It was a little early for the turning of the aspen trees but a few were already beginning to turn. When we got above timberline we stopped at the Forest Canyon overlook and headed down the short path to the lookout point. We were about half way there when we were stopped in our tracks by the loudest elk bugle we had ever heard. Luckily we had brought our binoculars and Erica started scanning the hills. It turned out there were a couple of herds just up, and pretty close to, the road. We watched them for a bit through the binoculars and then headed up the road to get a closer look. We weren’t disappointed when we got closer either. There were a couple of large older males, a few younger males, and lots of cows and yearlings too. We even got to see a couple of the males tangle antlers in a little “dust up.” (Yes, there was actually dust.)

It was a great time and it was exciting to see and hear some of the elk. It definitely wasn’t a bad way to spend a Thursday. :-)

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