5 Hikes In 5 Days - Day 4

Today I journeyed out to Betasso Preserve for my hike. I haven’t been out there for a few years, but it was just as I remembered it. When we were in college, we used to ride up Four Mile Canyon from campus, climb up Logan Mill Road, and bomb down some trail to connect with Betasso before riding the link trail down to the highway and heading back home. There were a fair number of bikers out today and it almost made me want to go for a ride again. Ok, it really just made me want to go buy a new bike, but that ain’t gonna happen! ;-)


Day 4 is in the books. Now the question is if I can drag my a$$ out of bed tomorrow to make the sunrise at Chasm Lake. The invitation still stands. Any takers? (I can just imagine the cricket noises and obvious attempts to avoid eye contact as I ask that.) :-) Enjoy the scenery!

Requisite Selfie Wildflowers Bark View Number 1 View Number 2 Looking Down On Boulder

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    1. Wish I could hike,

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