5 Hikes In 5 Days - Day 1

For no real good reason, other than I have the time since I am unemployed, I have decided to go for 5 hikes in 5 days. These aren’t major all day hikes or anything but I’ve been cooped up in the house searching for jobs and taking some online courses so the need to get out and see the sun has been growing inside of me.

Today I went out to Hall Ranch and followed the Bitterbrush trail all the way out to the Nelson Loop. Below is a small map with the mile markers and my end point on it. All total I managed to cover 7.43 miles, burn almost 1500 calories, and climb about 1200 feet. (See here if you want all of the nitty gritty details.)

It was a beautiful day for a hike and, now that I’m starting to recover, I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s hike as well! :-) Enjoy the scenery!

1 Mile Marker View 1 Mile Marker 2 Fields of grass Mile Marker 3 Resting Heading Back The View 2 Prarie Dogs Grasshopper

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    1. I’ve never seen a grasshopper like that.

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