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February 2013

  • My First Roller Derby

    My First Roller Derby

    Yesterday I went to see my first live roller derby. I was coming home from playing a little bit of tennis and saw the signs advertising the bout at the fairgrounds. Erica was out of town so I called up my boy Collins and we hit the scene. I’m...

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  • Hidden Maze Prototype 2

    Hidden Maze Prototype 2

    My first prototype turned out pretty good. A little too easy to solve, but I wasn’t really focused on making that one difficult. After going through the process of making that first maze, I had an idea…

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  • Hidden Maze Prototype

    Hidden Maze Prototype

    After my big raised garden project from last spring I didn’t really do much woodworking. I’ve had this idea for a hidden maze puzzle for a while now though and with the help of a little birthday money I got the tool I needed to really give it a shot....

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  • Berry Date Smoothie

    Berry Date Smoothie

    OK, I came up with another good one! I’ve been trying out some new smoothie recipes that I came across and a couple of them called for dates. I can’t say that I’ve ever eaten a date by itself, but I like dates in these holiday cookies my mom makes...

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