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April 2012

  • Raised Gardens 3: Construction

    Raised Gardens 3: Construction

    This phase of the project is just about the general construction of the raised gardens. Cutting things to length, measuring things (maybe that should have gone before cutting things), drilling holes, cutting dadoes, and stuff like that. I didn’t try any new or fancy techniques this time so I won’t...

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  • Raised Gardens 2: The Blocks

    Raised Gardens 2: The Blocks

    Since these gardens are going to be placed right at the end of our patio we decided to make the sides facing the house a little more interesting than just some redwood rails. We stumbled upon this company that sells wooden tiles for use indoors and really liked the...

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  • Raised Gardens 1: The Plan

    Raised Gardens 1: The Plan

    Well, here it is. The plan for our raised gardens. These aren’t your typical raised gardens mind you. These are like ’6 Million Dollar Man’ type raised gardens. Gentlemen, I can build them. I have the technology (and the lumber)…

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