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October 2011

  • Late Fall Hiking

    Late Fall Hiking

    The weather is supposed to turn cold in the middle of this coming week so I decided to head out for some much needed exercise. This morning I went out to Rabbit Mountain and cranked out a good 5 mile hike. Don’t get me wrong, I took some time...

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  • Entertainment Center 7: The Finale

    Entertainment Center 7: The Finale

    The entertainment center is finished! Yep, you read that correctly. It’s all done. After completing construction last time, all that was left to do was mount the hardware, stain the top and base, and then cover everything with polyurethane.

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  • Entertainment Center 6: The Doors

    Entertainment Center 6: The Doors

    The final things that needed to be constructed for the entertainment center were the doors. These are a simple frame but the interior panel is actually a lattice ‘weave’. I wanted these to come out right since they are a major visual feature of the entertainment center so I took...

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