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January 2011

  • Button Rock Preserve

    Button Rock Preserve

    Yeah I went hiking again, what else is new? I actually found a new place to go this time called Button Rock Preserve (more info). I made the drive out there and headed up the Sleepy Lion trail. Last week we didn’t see any birds on Nighthawk trail...

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  • Hall Ranch Revisited

    Hall Ranch Revisited

    I had the hiking bug last weekend and Hall Ranch called to me once again. After knocking back a couple of beers together and ruminating on the meaning of life the night before, my buddy Collins and I met up at the trail head on Sunday morning. After giving...

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  • Hiking Hall Ranch

    Hiking Hall Ranch

    Well, today is my last day of vacation. In order to stave off the depression of going back to work as best as I could, I decided to hit the trails again. We had a storm come through a couple of days ago that left some snow behind but the...

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